25 Haziran 2016 Cumartesi

The last thing that made me cry :)) !!

 Last night with a friend of mine, we went to theater to watch the new movie "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes. It is the movie of the book "Me Before You".Normally I'm not a personality that cry to emotional movies but this movie left an abnormal effect on me that i couldn't stop crying.To tell about the movie little,the movie was about a one paralyzed man,Sam Claflin,falling in love with his caretaker,Emilia Clarke, but ending with a...well no spoilers .
Sam Claflin was acting so successful with playing a paralyzed man.That deserves an Oscar that he wasn't artificial.
Emilia Clarke, i am not watching the Game of Thrones or i didn't watched any of her movies before but as this was the first Clarke movie that i watch , I'm pretty sure this will stay my best. I'll try to watch few ones and write a review about.
The screenplay was a very nice mixture of comedy in the beginning and drama . It didn't make us yawn once !
I strongly advice you to see this movie , or at least read it
See you later :)

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