25 Haziran 2016 Cumartesi

Starting a new blog

Hello :)
So i started a new blog called Watercolor.
The name was inspired of the random things i'll blog about. Im thinking to write about anything that comes to my mind so in a time the whole blog will be a colorful pallet that inserts the writings about colors of the life .
The inspiration of creating a new blog was coming from my future plans.This can be a reason to  write a blog about :D but to tell a little part of it Im planning to be a journalist when i totally grow up. As i made a research about it journalism needs a high communication and creative writing skills .
Im planning to be a broadcast journalist , a kind of news anchor.But i'll need this creative writing skill on the way to college , in college and as a intern. I'll try to write in my free times . I hope you guys like it.Please leave some comments for some ideas of topics :)

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